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CEI is a leading IT company that offers managed IT services and solutions for businesses. Our managed services free up our clients’ resources so they can focus on more impactful and strategic work while we deliver the right capabilities and the right services at an optimal time—and a competitive price point. 


Software Testing and QA Services

Our Software Testing and QA Experts know the latest tech, practices, and standards to create high-quality software within the required timeframe. Our QA services create a cost-effective solution for any issues that arise within your unique environment—resulting in a 30–50% reduction in testing costs, a 60–80% reduction in maintenance costs, and 20% faster software development. 

A few of the services we provide are listed below:

Performance Testing & Automation

  1. Performance Framework Setup
  2. Automated Functional and Regression testing
  3. Performance and Automation Dashboard
  4. Performance testing, plan creation, execution, and result analysis, and reporting
  5. UI navigated performance metrics using Web Drivers
  6. Service Virtualization
  7. Azure DevOps/ Pipeline

Testing & Quality Management

  1. QA assessment, strategic roadmap, and test strategy implementation
  2. Embedded Firmware Testing (Manual)
  3. Hardware/Equipment Functionality Testing using SSH
  4. Requirements Testing, Functional and Regression Testing (Manual and Automated)
  5. Scalability testing, including plan creation, execution, result analysis, and reporting
  6. Unit testing (manual and automated)
  7. API testing (Postman)
Here are just a few reasons to work with us:
  • Assessments of testing and QA strategies (including which instances to use manual or automated QA).
  • Recommendations for the right automation framework and tools (UFT, AutoIT, Katalon, Selenium, or Microsoft Test).
  • Plans for optimizing your automation execution.

Managed Services and IT Support

Managed IT services and support are integral to a company’s ability to leverage technology as a competitive advantage. There are many reasons why an organization might opt for managed IT services, including reducing costs, improving productivity, and improving the efficiency of business processes. The technologists and project managers who run our services improve quality and increase agility for our clients. With expertise in both traditional and cloud-based IT solutions, we help organizations with complex technical issues.

Here are just a few reasons to work with us: 
  • 20+ years of experience, multi-year client relationships, a highly tenured senior team.
  • Continuous investment in skill development and certifications in emerging technology.
  • Values of recognition, longevity, and family that keep attrition rates low (around 5%) while bolstering high levels of client retention.
  • US-based company with delivery centers in Chennai, India, as well as nearshore locations with Western-style management and reporting systems.

Cloud Infrastructure Management

We offer services across a spectrum of cloud-based infrastructure—including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud (our Partners ), and multi-cloud environments. We can help you experience the full benefits of infrastructure-managed services including managing, hosting, migrating, and evolving your infrastructure on-premises and in the cloud.

A few of the services we provide are listed below:
  1. Data Center Relocation and Shutdown
  2. Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Management
  3. Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Design
  4. AWS Managed Services
  5. Azure Managed Services
  6.  Microsoft Cloud Infrastructure Setup
  7. Google Cloud Infrastructure Setup
  8. Multi-Cloud Deployment Framework Implementation
  9. Migrating from a traditional IT provider to a managed IT services model


We believe that making technology work for you is about more than leveraging the latest cloud infrastructure or cutting-edge applications. It’s about how effectively you can use technology – from IT support to new business innovations – so you can grow, innovate, and compete. We’re here to help your organization take advantage of today’s most powerful technologies. 

Here are just a few reasons to work with us:
  • Manage the deployment of multiple clouds.
  • Migrate your applications to and from the cloud.
  • Provide services for availability, recovery, backup, and restore.
  • Deliver ongoing improvements in security, including penetration testing.
  • Optimize resources and processes through DevOps and software management.

How can Managed IT Services Help You?

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"CEI is the best IT partner I have worked with in my 35 years of being an IT professional. They have been an essential element in bringing sustained successful outcomes in API’s digital transformation journey."
— Rodney Sampson, CIO at API
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