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Empower Your Developers With Copilot

Copilot allows your developers to spend less time on repetitive and boilerplate code, and more time focused on building great software.

96% of developers are
faster with
repetitive tasks
87% of developers exert
less mental effort on
repetitive tasks
77% of developers spend
less time searching
60% of developers are
more fulfilled
with their job
30% increase in velocity
for development

How does Copilot Work?

Copilot is simple and easy to use. Write a comment describing the logic you want and Copilot will suggest code in real-time to help you implement a solution. Based on your project’s context and style conventions, Copilot shares recommendations to help developers add lines of code and complete functions.

Copilot’s suggestions are automatically triggered once a developer writes the comment. Some use cases are below.

Assisting Non-Native Speakers

Validating Phone Numbers

Developing Dictionaries with Lookup Data

Want to dig deeper? Learn more about the features and benefits of Copilot through our webinar, which includes a live demo.

Propel Your Development Forward With Our 4-Step Adoption Accelerator

Step 1

1/2 Day GitHub Copilot Workshop

To demonstrate the value of Copilot, our experts are conducting a 1/2 day GitHub Copilot workshop giving your team hands-on experience with Copilot and allowing you to see for yourself how it works.

Discover the true value of adopting Copilot and how it’s innovative features can be tailored to your unique needs. Receive hands-on experience and one-to-one guidance to uncover how Copilot can make your developers more innovative and productive.

Step 2

Production Prototype

Conduct an experimental study on Copilot adoption with your team(s) to manage hands-on sessions, define KPIs to measure, and build a roadmap for rollout that will strategically align your team.

Step 3

Enable at Scale

Perform a roll out to the selected teams and develop an adoption playbook to enable Copilot at scale.

Step 4


Throughout your adoption journey, CEI will continually keep you updated on best practices, latest releases, and newest features. These services will ensure that your DevOps and automation capabilities are continuously improving and maturing.

This is the single most mind-blowing application of machine learning I’ve ever seen.

Mike Krieger – Instagram Co-Founder

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