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We believe in providing our clients with an unparalleled experience when it comes to IT staffing. That’s why we have dedicated recruiting teams that know the ins and outs of your organization—increasing how quickly we fill roles and improving the likelihood that we find high-quality, high-performance candidates. We’ll work with you to create a customized Staffing Strategy for your organization’s Talent needs


Exact Match™

Exact Match™ is the vetting process developed to ensure that candidates we present are qualified to meet any challenge. Candidates are screened against the criteria that your hiring managers set, providing notes on all candidates’ strengths and weaknesses. That means higher retention, less turnover, and less downtime before starting your next big project.

Flexible Capacity Staffing

Our Flexible Capacity staffing solutions allows our clients to:

  • Increase and improve productivity.
  • Minimize resource and service delivery fragmentation.
  • Implement a customized framework for the delivery of IT services.
  • Provide control without the burden of onboarding and productivity measurement.

IT Talent solutions we provide:

Contract-to-hire staffing services

Contract hiring allows you to experience the benefits of a full-time employee without the commitment for a specified period of time. When the initial contract ends, you’ll have the option to hire for the long term. Contract hiring benefits organizations that may have uncertainty in workload and need flexibility.

Direct-hire Staffing Services

CEI also provides a direct-hire staffing option. Staff who are direct hires are usually full-time and have their salary and benefits paid by the client organization. The best fit organizations for direct-hire staffing are when you know you have long-term resource needs.

Offshore IT Staffing Services

CEI provides Offshore IT Staffing to help you deal with the challenges in identifying and recruiting potential IT staff from other parts of the world to reduce costs. This can help control budges, as well as increase productivity as projects can continue work around the clock by leveraging resources in different time zones.

Temporary Staffing Services

Temporary staffing can provide you with the right IT talent you need for a specified period, or until you are ready to end the contract. The resources remain on the CEI payroll, but work for you until the project or requirement is over.

Reasons to choose CEI as your IT staffing Agency:

  • Cost-effective talent acquisition - Our quick hiring and onboarding processes will save you time and money. Our IT staffing services will provide you with thoroughly vetted skill-specific candidates, reducing the chance of bad hires, and thus also reducing hiring costs
  • Expertise and experience - With decades of experience in the field, we are one of the most reliable and cost-effective staffing services available. Our reputation for excellence is borne out of our dedication to providing our clients with the best possible service, expertise, and candidates to improve their teams.
  • Quick Hiring and onboarding process - Our end-to-end hiring process will help you meet your staffing requirements quickly, so you can rest assured knowing that you’re your business and projects don’t have to wait around while we fill those vacancies.
  • High Retention Rates - We offer highly skilled IT talent with high retention rate which means you'll be getting more than just new hires. You'll also be retaining highly skilled team members that you can work alongside for years to come.

Find the right IT talent with CEI

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