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What you get with Clairvoyance Foundation

Leverage our expertise and accelerate your AI deployment by more than 3 months. The Clairvoyance Foundation platform allows you to bypass the tactical groundwork, and experience your AI transformation – increasing speed to market, enhancing innovation, and improving user experience.

Other areas where Clairvoyance Foundation can be implemented


Optimize your internal operations through intelligent automation. Many workers spend over 40% of their time on repetitive tasks. AI automation can help you focus on what matters.

Managed Services

Empower your systems and solution support teams to work faster and smarter. Through AI-powered managed services, we helped one of the largest retailers of diamond jewelry increase their app support capacity by 25% and more.

How it works

Clairvoyance Assistants Accelerator

Build intelligent, generative assistants for your enterprise and your customers.

This accelerator is your precursor to many Generative AI Assistants, allowing you to increase speed to market, while ensuring proper governance. Built on top of Clairvoyance Foundation, Clairvoyance Assistants can enable:

Enterprise Assistants

77% of organizations
are already using or exploring AI as a means of improving their business processes (IBM).

Empower your employees with intelligent personal assistants designed to drive productivity.

Customer-Facing Assistants

75% of customers
believe generative AI will vastly improve their interactions with companies (Forbes).

Foster deeper brand loyalty through innovative personalized customer experiences.

Research Assistants

2.5 hours per day
is estimated time that knowledge workers roughly spend searching for information (IDC).

Boost team proficiency in extracting insights from corporate documents and data.

What you get with Clairvoyance Assistants

How it works

CEI’s 3-step approach to Clairvoyance Foundation

What you should expect when implementing Clairvoyance Foundation into your business processes.

Step 1 – 2 Days

AI Innovation Workshop

Gain an understanding of how AI tools can be incorporated and identify specific use cases for your organization.

Step 2 – 6 to 8 Weeks

AI Proof of Value Engagement

Implement a use-case into production, measure results, and determine ROI impact.

Step 3 – Steady State

AI Transformation

Adopt AI tools, models, and automation with crawl-walk-run approach, ultimately maturing to a state of fully AI-Powered Operations.

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