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CEI Clairvoyance is an AI-powered Managed Services offering that is designed to supercharge your IT operations, while significantly reducing your costs. With this offering, you’ll discover where best to implement AI into your operations, implement a pilot engagement into production, and ultimately mature to a state of AI-Enhanced IT operations with a crawl-walk-run approach.

CEI Clairvoyance helps both enterprises and SMBs to:

  • Increase IT operational efficiency
  • Reduce IT infrastructure and operational costs
  • Enhance security and compliance
  • Improve internal and external customer experiences
  • Supercharge your service desk and knowledge management

Generative AI Solutions

Using NLP and LLM, you can automate routine tasks, enhance and accelerate customer service experiences, improve efficiency, and provide new insights to help your IT run more smoothly.

DevOps Solutions

The combination of DevOps and Artificial Intelligence can be used to automate and streamline IT processes, improve security and compliance, increase speed to market and enable proactive problem-solving.

AI Adoption Strategy

With a combination of workshops, pilot engagements, and roadmaps, you can feel confident that you’ve developed an AI Strategy for your business that will align with your organizational goals, infrastructure, and processes.

Service Desk & Support Intelligence

Streamline your incident management operations with AI solutions and integration. More quickly and accurately categorize the incidents, find patterns, avoid duplicates, and enrich the incident with details.

Intelligent Document Processing

Automate your most cumbersome and labor-intensive business processes to save time, reduce costs, and improve accuracy. Perfect for: invoices, receipts, applications, claims processing, government forms, logistics documents, and more.

Step 1 – 2 Days

AI Innovation Workshop

Gain an understanding of how AI tools can be incorporated and identify specific use cases for your organization.

Step 2 – 6 to 8 Weeks

AI Proof of Value Engagement

Implement a use-case into production, measure results, and determine ROI impact.

Step 3 – Steady State

AI Transformation

Adopt AI tools, models, and automation with crawl-walk-run approach, ultimately maturing to a state of fully AI-Powered Operations.

Save 25% on costs with CEI Clairvoyance

CEI will augment our Traditional Managed Service offering with AI-enhanced solutions. Savings will be realized through multiple metrics, including SLAs (availability, incident, response, cost) reduced staffing overhead, and automation.

Challenges with Traditional Managed Services

Difficult to control Costs

Restrictive Scalability

Stagnant SLA performance

Limited Innovation

High Turnover

Standard Onboarding & Support

Inconsistent or Nonexistent Documentation

AI’s Impact on Cloud Incident Management Systems


Savings in business costs by using AI-enabled IMS


Increase in ticket deflection/self service resolution rates


Reduction in MTTD/MTTR using AI-powered IMS experience


Incidents resolved by AI-powered virtual agents/chatbots

Value of Clairvoyance

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