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Our GitHub Partnership

As a GitHub Advanced Partner, the CEI team has experience across a wide array of DevOps tools and client experience that spans nearly every major industry, allowing us to deliver unique solutions customized for your success.

By hiring talented team members, using the correct tools, and implementing the right processes, you will experience efficiencies through automation, increased business value, and a culture of empowerment, quality, and innovation.


Reduce Your Technical Debt

Create the process and flows to prioritize and scale backlog requests. Focus your teams on doing the right work at the right time.

Optimize Your Resources

Get the most out of your people, processes, and technology. Maximize your IT spend with process automation, allowing your teams to focus on high value work tied to their skills and passions. Experience more throughput without increasing headcount.

Increase Speed to Market

Embrace the best practices of “solution flow.” Move your solutions into production faster, reducing your release cadence from years or months down to weeks. Enjoy the benefits of first mover advantage in a fast-paced, technology-driven world.

Align IT with Business Strategy

Keep your IT goals in lockstep with overall business strategy and objectives to adopt an enterprise-wide culture of innovation. Facilitate transformation, agility, and increased velocity from inception to deployment across all teams. 

Improve Product Quality & Security

Build a culture and expectation of quality and security that is shared across all team members. Incorporate shift-left testing and application security at every stage of the development cycle to reduce incident frequency and mean time to recover (MTR)

Our Approach

Phase 1

Phase 2

Discovery & Analysis

Our team will identify the impact GitHub adoption would have on your operations. We pair this assessment with fit-for-purpose recommendations to extract maximum value out of your DevOps and accelerate KPI achievement. This assessment will:

  • Assess current DevOps capabilities and maturity
  • Apply CEI DevOps Maturity Model
  • Assess DevOps processes, including work intake, prioritization, workflows for developers, build-release processes, and more.
  • Assess stakeholder map and RACI
  • Identify metrics and map them to CEI/Industry KPIs
  • Determine baseline metrics specific to each client
  • Assess tooling and related development platforms

Phase 3


Partnering our experts with yours, we will identify specific opportunities to gain efficiencies through automation. This will unlock business value through achievable ROI, increased agility and enhanced speed to market.

  • Articulate gaps and highlight key recommendations
  • Define roadmap for GitHub adoption, process, and tool enhancements

Optional Follow-On


By fostering a culture of measurable quality and innovation, this will help you achieve a high level of DevOps performance, joining organizations that are industry leaders in the space and ensuring you reap the full benefits of DevOps adoption.

  • Implement people, processes, and technology improvements
  • Implement best practices, workflows, tooling, operating model, culture, and migration

Anticipated Outcomes

  • Candid assessment of your DevOps capabilities, process, and technology maturity.
  • Recommendations for improvements both today and in the future.
  • Confirmed metrics that have been aligned with CEI and industry best practices that are data-driven, quantifiable, and easily measured.
  • Reusable processes that ensure ongoing realization of quality and innovation to validate DevOps value.
  • Roadmap focused on GitHub implementation and value delivery. Enterprise-wide enhanced operating model, governance, change management, and culture.

Our GitHub Offerings


A GitHub migration with CEI provides you with all the necessary resources and tools for a complete end-to-end GitHub migration no matter where you start.

When complete, CEI ensures you have an established collaborative culture, tools, and practice that build confidence in your delivery.


CEI will assess your current environment, such as TFS, SVN, GitLab, BitBucket, Jenkins, ADO, and others. We will review your repos, branches, folders, users, teams, security tools, integrations, and more.

In addition to providing automated and self-serve migration plans and timelines for a complete migration, CEI will also perform pilot migrations.


CEI and GitHub partner to migrate the repositories and pipelines at scale to the GitHub Enterprise Cloud. We implement an iterative approach that combines active management with self-service.

What you get:

Perform source code migrations, including the metadata of history – commits, pull requests, hooks, wiki, and any other necessary history to GitHub Enterprise Cloud / Enterprise Manager User instances..

Migrate your existing CI/CD pipelines to GitHub Actions workflows so you can accelerate the delivery by custom workflows and automation.

Accelerate migrations and bring your delivery teams to GitHub Enterprise Cloud faster with expert-led automated & self-serve processes.

Phase 1

CEI will work alongside your team to begin onboarding the team, getting access to migration tools, and mapping internal processes.

Phase 2

Establish Baseline Process:
Prepare the environment to migrate repositories and integrations. Migration will follow a pre-defined roadmap and checklist from the DevOps Migration Playbook. Overall migration status will be reported every week and displayed via dashboard.

Phase 3

Team Migrations:
CEI will onboard your teams, analyze their repositories, plan the migration timeline in batches, perform the migration, and validate.


CEI and GitHub will partner with you to implement GitHub Actions at scale for your enterprise to accelerate build automation and integration into your workflows.

What you get:

  • GitHub Actions makes it easy to automate all your workflows from idea to production – CI/CD, build, test, deploy your code and integrations.
  • Build end-to-end actions workflows – to securely authenticate to your cloud and enable your team to automate and standardize software development lifecycle and security governance across all your organizations.
  • Automate beyond your source code build – Develop IssueOps, ChatOps tools and workflows to build an operating model easier for developers.
  • Support third-party integrations for your organization using GitHub actions from partners and the community.

CEI can also seamlessly migrate your existing pipelines (such as Jenkins, Azure DevOps, etc.) to the modern GitHub Actions platform.

Advanced Security

CEI and GitHub partner to implement the GitHub Actions at scale for your enterprises to speed up the build automation and integrate into your workflows. And CEI offers migration services to migrate your existing pipelines, such as Jenkins, Azure DevOps pipelines to the modern GitHub Actions platform.


Of Applications Contain Known Vulnerabilities.


Of Organizations Believe Capabilities of Traditional Security Tools Are NOT Sufficient


The Average Cost of a Cybersecurity Breach in the United States

Why DevSecOps Matters

Early adopters of DevSecOps are 2.6x more likely to keep up with frequent application updates, and are able to fix vulnerabilities 2x faster.

Benefits of DevSecOps include:

Increased customer and market trust, driving loyalty and adoption

Supports innovation and a work culture that promotes constant delivery and quick recovery from failures

Enterprise-wide security approach, where cybersecurity becomes a shared responsibility across all teams and individuals in an organization

Cost reduction via risk of cost due to attacks, as well as process efficiency cost (such as reduced time to identify and fix vulnerabilities)

GitHub Advanced Security

Adopt GitHub Advanced Security at scale to ensure security controls in your pipelines – from day one.

What you get:

Code Scanning

Examine your code for security issues in real-time as you’re writing it. Integrate fixes natively into your developer workflow.

Secret Scanning

Prevent unauthorized access by proactively scanning for secrets pre-commit and searching repositories for leaked secrets that may have accidentally been pushed to your code.

Supply Chain Security

Catch vulnerable dependencies before you introduce them into your codebase by understanding dependency changes and the security impact at every pull request.

Security Overview

Get access to a single, centralized view of the security risks throughout your entire organization.

Third-party Security Integrations

Automate, customize, and execute your software development workflows in the same place you code.

A 1-week assessment will determine your existing DevSecOps maturity and capabilities. CEI will partner with your team to build a roadmap toward GHAS maturity models.

Strategic Alignment & Planning
Determine how GHAS will be implemented and set the foundation for DevSecOps rollouts.

Pilot Program
Over the course of 2 weeks, you will plan for migration, identify ongoing tool usage, and complete developer onboarding.

Implementing GHAS at scale
Rollout, scale code and secret scanning, supply chain security, and security automation tools. Coordinate and deploy the compliance and security framework to govern your enterprise. (Estimated time = 8 weeks)

CEI will mentor and coach your team members directly as they onboard their projects to ensure success.


CEI has a group of GitHub Accredited Trainers to train your team on best practices and usage of GitHub as a DevOps and Security platform. This team of trainers provides:

  • Administrative Training
  • GitHub Actions Training
  • GitHub Advanced Security Training
  • Developer Training

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