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The Challenge

A multinational pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical company had recently made a $1.4B Cloud investment, migrating their 12 on-premise data centers.

In order to optimize this investment, they needed a modern, best-in-class solution that could be deployed across 12+ development teams and 1000+ developers.

The Goals

Improve time to market

Reduce project and product cost

Improve transparency and automation

Adopt “shift left” security capabilities

The Solution

With GitHub and CEI, the client launched an organization-wide transformation and modernization of their application development methods and tools. They developed and applied best-in-class Agile and DevOps standards.

CEI was responsible for developing the DevSecOps Center of Excellence standards, pipelines, and compliance frameworks, including:

Initiating and managing all client DevSecOps tools

Managing all source code and scripts

Owning the “build and deploy” process

Documenting best practices, as well as the DevOps and CloudForge project technologies for future use by all client teams

The Stack

DevOps & Agile Based Transformation

The Results

The client has experienced increased developer productivity and efficiencies in development processes, resulting in a cultural shift at a rapid pace, instantly making them more competitive in the marketplace.

The CEI solution has resulted in:


Support for over 1,000 repositories of project and product code


96,000 (and growing) automated workflow runs that previously would have been performed manually


$11.4M dollars (and growing) in labor savings

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