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The Goal

Our client faced challenges with incident remediation SLAs and high ticket volumes affecting both internal and vendor application support . As a result, other applications did not receive the required support to ensure smooth and efficient operations.

The Challenge

Our client wanted to optimize their overall support and improve their incident resolution velocity, while keeping their Tier 3 skilled support teams from fielding unnecessary escalations.

The Solution

Partnering with our client and integrating CEI Clairvoyance into their processes, we were able to enhance their managed services.

ChatGPT enabled efficient knowledge base searches, providing relevant answers and improving the velocity of their tier 2 support team.

The CEI AI Incident Management Accelerator streamlined operations by categorizing incidents, providing recommendations for resolution, and enriching the incident with details.

The client’s Tier 2 team was now able to address the complexity of the incident and automate simple repetitive remediation, significantly increasing their speed of resolution. As a result, the client experienced more effective usage of their Tier 3 team allowing them to focus on more complex issues.

The Results

By implementing the CEI Clairvoyance Generative AI Solution and Incident Management Accelerator, the client increased productivity, enhanced the quality of Tier 2 support teams, and improved SLAs. This resulted in cost reductions, increased scalability, as well as improved documentation, metrics, and visibility for escalations to Tier 3 supports.

80% Resolution at Tier 2 Support

Reduction in ticket volume for internal support teams

38% Reduction in Attrition

The overall goals/expectations between the tiered teams were better aligned

25% Increased Capacity

Improved productivity, SLAs, and quality of incident remediation

29% Skill Cost Savings

Overall skill cost saving with efficiency in incident resolution

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