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The Setup

In 2023, Signet transitioned from large batch integrations (mostly ETLs) that process overnight to an AWS-hosted asynchronous, real-time integration platform that distributes the load throughout the day. This took Signet from large, high-priority issues in the middle of the night, to smaller, low-impact issues across the day.

Part of this migration required moving from packaged integration software that Signet managed themselves, to AWS Serverless Technology and AWS Managed Services. This migration meant Signet did not have to manage the infrastructure or patch and upgrade those services. In addition, Signet orchestrated a new integration platform around SNS and SQS managed services provided by AWS.

The Challenge

The 2023 holiday season was approaching, and with the new integrations, Signet saw a spike in incidents that the current AMS team as structured could not handle while meeting SLA expectations. Signet expected their incidents to double during the holiday season, which may cause them to lose focus on the importance of supporting customers and their sales purchases.

With their current process, it was was difficult for support team members to find the necessary information to resolve incidents. As a result, L1 analysts regularly relied on L2 or L3 support teams for recurring issues and fundamental knowledge, regardless of incident complexity.

As expected, incidents began to increase, and Signet started to miss SLAs on MTTA (mean time to acknowledge) and MTTR (mean time to resolve).

The Goal

Signet Jewelers faced challenges with incident remediation SLAs and high-ticket volumes affecting both internal and vendor application support. As a result, other applications did not receive the required support to ensure smooth and efficient operations.

The Solution

CEI, AWS, and Signet collaborated to build out a Phase 1 Generative AI solution to address these challenges- CEI Clairvoyance for Managed Services. This AI-powered managed services solution was able to:

Ingest all incidents coming from PagerDuty.

Compare all incidents to an archive of other solutions from the past, as well as run books, to determine what the best resolution is for each incident.

Identify the best fit solution and update the support ticket with the information, providing the L1 support team member with a prioritized list of potential solutions.

The Results

After implementing CEI Clairvoyance for Managed Services, Signet experienced the following results:

900+ issues managed per week (up from ~125 issues per week)

With the same team, Signet was able to manage 900+ issues per week (up from ~125 issues per week)

Match Rate Exceeded 85%

The Match Rate (percent of the time the AI-recommended incident solutions was correct) exceeded 85%

4.5x the number of incidents were resolved (95% were resolved by L1 support)

4.5x the number of incidents were able to be resolved and 95% of those incidents were resolved by the L1 support team (target SLA = 90%)

Onboarding process shortened by 50% for new technical support

CEI Clairvoyance shortened Signet’s onboarding process for new technical support team members by as much as 50%

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