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Our Expertise

Recognized by Microsoft, GitHub, and hundreds of customers, CEI provides specialized solutions in DevOps and GitHub adoption. A Microsoft Gold Partner for 18 years, CEI delivers massive improvements, efficiencies, and ROI through DevOps Transformation.

The CEI team has experience across a wide array of DevOps tools and client experience that spans nearly every major industry, allowing us to deliver unique solutions customized for your success.

By hiring talented team members, using the correct tools, and implementing the right processes, you will experience efficiences through automation, increased business value, and a culture of empowerment, quality, and innovation.


DevOps Assessment

Perform an assessment with our team of DevOps Architects to uncover the processes and best practices that will empower your organization throughout your digital transformation journey.

DevOps Adoption & Implementation

Implement custom DevOps Solutions to automate code build, integration, and deployment processes. Experience decreased lead time while also increasing quality and security.

Infrastructure Automation

Infrastructure as a Code enables DevOps teams to test applications in a production-like environment at the earliest stages of the software development cycle. This allows you to prevent common deployment issues and deliver applications faster, at scale, and at higher quality.

Cloud Native – Kubernetes & Containerization

We’ll help you adopt containerization as a modern approach to application architecture. Enable your development team to make quick, regular changes to your software and easily scale updates depending on your requirements. Your resource efficiency will improve, you’ll achieve greater scalability and stability of your software systems, and you’ll optimize costs while ensuring high-level information security.

Results CEI DevOps customers have experienced


Faster development cycles


Improved quality of deployed applications


Decrease in time from code commit to deployment


Increase in new software & services delivered

Innovate Faster with GitHub and DevOps

GitHub Adoption Accelerator

With CEI guiding you the entire way, transform your team by migrating your DevOps platform to Github. Beginning with a collaborative workshop, CEI will assist in your DevOps migration, and then will mentor your team until full adoption is achieved.

Discover How
18 Years of Experience
30% Labor Savings
300+ Projects Completed
400% More Deployments

Free DevOps Assessment

Assess your team’s DevOps maturity.

Answer 10 short questions to receive your score and discover how you stack up against best-in-class DevOps teams.

Take The Assessment

Clients & Case Studies

As one of the first GitHub Partners to attain Advanced Partner certification, CEI continually demonstrates their full commitment, thought leadership and technical knowhow by enabling our customers to adopt and optimize GitHub.


Ultimately, CEI helps customers modernize their SDLC to build better software, faster, more securely with real ROI and documented strong business value.


— John Ortenberg – Channel Account Manager at Github

Our Services

Explore our end-to-end capabilities to drive digital transformation across your organization.