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The Challenge

A global paint manufacturer had spent years collecting data across its organization. They had ample data, but were failing to use it as an asset. They lacked a cohesive Digital and Data Strategy, which meant that they struggled with data governance, data management, and as a result were unable to make their massive amounts of data actionable.

They began to fall behind their competitors who were using their data effectively.

The lack of a comprehensive, operationalized Data Strategy meant PPG couldn’t effectively perform strategic, best-in-class activities, such as:

Global Strategic Sourcing

Global Inventory Management

Customer Data

Customer Relationship Management

Segmentations, Personas, & Targeting

Journey Mapping

The Solution

CEI proposed that this client implement a comprehensive Data Strategy with a Data Governance Operating Model. This project would be broken into 3 primary phases:

Data Assessment

  • Data Discovery & Profiling
  • Trust Matrix
  • Reference Data and Domain Data Attributes

Data Strategy

  • Data Governance
  • Data Stewardship
  • Master Data Management
  • Master Data Definitions
  • Master Data Architecture


  • Target Systems Integrations Mapping
  • Informatica Data Tools Implementation
  • Organizational Change Management

The Results

By embracing CEI’s Data Strategy expertise and implementing a cohesive data management and data governance model, the client was now able to directly tie their business strategy and key initiatives to their data strategy. The next phase of this project will be Analytics and Reporting, taking this client and their Data Strategy to the next level.

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