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The Challenge

To enhance their clients’ journey and keep their processes smooth, MMIT required a system to create a transformational customer experience that adapts with evolving markets. MMIT needed this system to deliver continuous collection of data, rapid document assessment, detail capture at the plan and region level, and lineage of documents to inform customer decisions.

The Goal

To have an efficient document processing system that provides MMIT and their customers with the necessary insights and data. This solution would allow MMIT customers to make decisions quicker and provide better access to lifesaving healthcare.

The Solution


During the initial adoption phase of AWS at MMIT, CEI began to prepare their AWS environments by configuring a Landing Zone Architecture using AWS Control Tower, and provisioned accounts for their Development, Testing, and Production lifecycle environments. CEI also worked with the NetOps team to plan and deploy their shared VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) architecture to support their upcoming workload and migrations. This provided the NetOps team with governance over their AWS account structure and networking security while still enabling application teams to innovate quickly and securely.


CEI partnered with the initial application migration team to help them rebuild an existing application onto AWS, named SourceHub. CEI analyzed the application requirements and built a deployment architecture in AWS around ECS and S3 to support the functional and non-functional application requirements. Additionally, CEI helped the team integrate with legacy data stores through EventBridge and Lambda functions.


After defining the deployment architecture, CEI assisted the application migration team with automating deployment of the application using Terraform and CI/CD pipelines with promoting code changes from development through test and production environments. This provided an agile and controlled release process that allowed for rapid delivery of application capabilities.


Elastic Container Service


Application Load Balancer

Simple Storage Service (S3)

MongoDB Atlas



Elastic Container Service

Paul Getsy

MMIT Technical Program Director

CEI’s team is very easy to work with as they are very adaptable and knowledgeable. They are also very good at presenting options with pros/cons instead of just one recommendation or a one size fits all approach.

The Results

After migrating their workloads to AWS Cloud and implementing the SourceHub application into their systems, MMIT experienced numerous benefits in their overall business and architecture:

Classification of sources by document type, effective date, and relevant therapies, executed with 99.9% confidence and no more than 2% defects

Automatic updates to data within 15 days after a document is published, allowing them access to enhanced insights to make crucial decisions faster

Exhaustive automation of source document collection (all formats), with a target of no less than 99% of all documents

Secured and governed Landing Zone architecture for hosting current and future application migrations

Daily collection of all sources, executed with 99.9% confidence and no more than 2% defects

Full transparency of document repository and metadata (Contract Validation and legacy app upgrade)

Labeling of sources by plan and region

Consistent deployments from development to production due to upfront automation investment

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