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The Challenge

The client partnered with CEI to help them deliver a consistent, high-quality experience to both internal and external site users. As the requirement for a more sophisticated digital experience grew, they were facing challenges to develop a solution that could scale with the additional traffic and functionality they needed.

In addition, a large digital ecosystem can be difficult to navigate. A sophisticated and robust “Search” solution can be critical to helping users find the information or feature they are seeking, which the client lacked.

Lastly, the client was interested in enhancing their marketing capabilities, particularly when it came to creating personalized experiences, but did not have the ability to do so with their current tools and infrastructure.

The Goals

Deliver high-quality site experience for internal and external site users.

Find more qualified candidates with the necessary level of Salesforce expertise

Find additional bandwidth and people to help with the hiring search

The Solution

Originally in 2016, CEI partnered with the client to implement the Sitecore 8.1 Experience Platform (XP). In the following years, CEI upgraded the client to Sitecore 9.1, and is in the process of upgrading them again to Sitecore 10.2. In addition to this, CEI also implemented DevOps processes to shorten cycle times, improve quality, and increase speed to market.

Sitecore offers a variety of functionality and capabilities that empowered the clients Marketing and IT teams. The goal with these Sitecore implementations was to allow the client to achieve:

Better Content Authoring

Personalized Digital Experiences

Enhanced Marketing Features
and Capabilities including Salesforce integrations

Improved site search with Coveo

Timeline for Sitecore Upgrades


Transition from Sharepoint 2010 to Sitecore 8.1, replacing existing site functionality and capabilities.

  • CEI Sitecore team advances the capabilities of the SItecore platform and launches additional Sitecore web properties.


Upgraded client from Sitecore 8.1 to Sitecore 9.1 to improve marketing capabilities, including audience segmentation, personalization, and targeting.


Delivered a Sitecore 10.2 Instance for client’s Europe region, fully hosted on AKS (Azure Kubernetes Service) with Coveo and Sitecore Headless.


Ongoing upgrade of original ASP.NET site from v9.1 to 10.2 Sitecore Headless.


Deployed first series of international websites within the European Union on the Sitcore 10.2 digital platform, leveraging standardized components and templates.

The Stack

Sitecore | C#.NET | React | Coveo | SearchStax | K8’s | Docker | NodeJS | SQL Bamboo | Octopus | Azure DevOps | Brightcove | Cookiebot | BrowserStack | K6 | GA | Siteimprove

The Results

Over the course of 6 years, CEI has helped this healthcare organization accelerate its marketing efforts, while creating more engaging, dynamic, and high-performing digital experiences that can be deployed on a global scale to meet and exceed user expectations.

Some of the most notable results are highlighted below:

Significant site performance improvement and decreased site load time and sessions response times

Enhanced search capabilities with Coveo Cloud implementation

Integrated Brightcove to allow for seamless media management

Consistency across dev, staging, and production environments with Automated PowerShell

Automated testing and standardized test scripts deployed to reduce production errors and ensure a quality customer experience

Migrated 400+ classic ASP.NET forms with Sitecore forms customization

Significant site performancIncreased accessibility and achieved 100% compliance with WCAG 2.1 standardse improvement and decreased site load time and sessions response times

Improved overall searchability and adherence to best practices by leveraging Google Lighthouse

Developed disaster recovery plan to achieve 99.99% uptime

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