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The Challenge

In preparation for a large-scale migration effort stemming from the merger, the client needed their Digital Marketing Platform to provide distributed development capabilities while enabling standardization from a system, security, and policy standpoint.

The Goal

Create a Digital Marketing Platform that enhances consistency across mulitple development teams and allows for continous improvment throughout all development efforts.

The Solution

A Factory Model concept was envisioned which would allow the client to develop standards and processes, including code repositories and publication pipelines, that would be leveraged to deliver all strategic development efforts. Applying this model ensured projects would be developed in parallel and then safely merged, thereby leading to an increase in productivity through improved application capabilities, resuable components, and standardized business processes.

CEI provided a full-service team including certified Sitecore and DevOps architects to stabilize and secure legacy Sitecore 7.2 environment. CEI helped launch the Sitecore 9.3 environment on a critical deadline to support post-merger compliance and branding requirements and built the infratstructure needed to support the Factory Model using Azure DevOps and Octopus Deploy. Below, you can see more in-depth detail on our delivery efforts:

Secured and assessed the legacy Sitecore 7.2 platform in preparation for migration via performance enhancements and constant site monitoring.

Audited Sitecore 9.3 capabilities, defined requirements, and implemented the base Factory Model program.

Designed and deployed Azure DevOps pipelines to support multiple independent SDLC teams, allowing for collaboration and consistency
among teams.

Coordinated cross-functional teams and partner vendors to deploy their corporate website within the Factory Model program.

Oversaw UAT (User Acceptance Testing), including Test Plan and Reporting Template creation and management for 40+ constituent global markets, allowing local market teams to ensure their sites were accurate and complete.

The Stack

Sitecore | Azure DevOps | AWS | Octopus | Unicorn | C#.NET

The Results

CEI addressed long standing performance issues in Sitecore 7.2 environment through load testing and configuration best practices.

In addition, we launched Sitecore 9.3 environment for the client’s Digital Marketing Platform in time for Day 1 release. Our team:

Configured the core infrastructure in partnership with internal teams

Developed security controls, content, reusable features, and components

Provided a framework with templates and ran processes for managing, coordinating, and approving content changes across global market teams

Lastly, by leveraging a Factory Model approach with Azure DevOps processes, CEI:

Streamlined collaboration, enabling multiple teams to develop and test platform components, websites, and portals independently

Automated application deployments based on pre-defined processes

Increased team efficiency and productivity

Reduced execution risk

Decreased overall cost of development by standardizing reusable components

Enhanced performance and quality across systems

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