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The Challenge

With hundreds of vendors, the Duquesne Light (DLC) Accounts Payable team was finding it difficult to efficiently manage the payment process.

Their AP system attempted to populate information from vendor invoices, but due to the variety of invoice formats, this system often failed to populate the proper information. Furthermore, it couldn’t recognize any PO line items, which was a requirement for DLC to approve payment.

Due to the shortcomings of this system, the DLC Accounts Payable team was forced to manually process nearly all their invoices. As a result, DLC was typically 8-9 weeks behind on their invoice payments.

The Goals

More quickly process invoices

Drastically reduce the amount of manual effort to process invoices

The Solution

DLC engaged CEI to build a solution that would more quickly process invoices, as well as drastically reduce the amount of manual effort involved.

To address these challenges, CEI built an Artificial Intelligence solution using the Azure platform that would recognize the DLC vendor and all the relevant fields automatically for the AP team.

Most importantly, CEI’s solution could consistently recognize both the vendor address and PO line items, removing the need for any manual processing.

Initially, this solution includes DLC’s 50 most common vendors, but there are plans to expand the solution in the future to more thoroughly cover DLC’s vendors.

The Stack

The Results

The client has experienced increased developer productivity and efficiencies in development processes, resulting in a cultural shift at a rapid pace, instantly making them more competitive in the marketplace.

The CEI solution has resulted in:

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