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The Challenge

To meet their growth goals, this client recognized they needed to fill their open Salesforce roles fast. Their CRM was failing to scale with their growth. They required a system that would allow them to better understand their present and future clients’ needs, as well as deliver more personalized, customized experiences for their customers. After 4 months of hiring, the client was only able to fill 3 Salesforce roles.

The Goals

Speed up the hiring process by reducing the number of interviews

Find more qualified candidates with the necessary level of Salesforce expertise

Find additional bandwidth and people to help with the hiring search

The Solution

Our client leveraged CEI’s team of recruiters to implement our Flexible Capacity Staffing Model.

This not only gave the client’s employees more time to focus on other daily activities, but had numerous other benefits:

More high-quality candidates – Due to CEI’s technical screening processes, the client received more qualified candidates. Now, they were only taking interviews with individuals who they were confident could perform the required responsibilities.

Candidates with the right culture “fit” – CEI’s long history with this client also assured that the recommended candidates were a good match for the client’s culture.

Simplified hiring process – A single point of contact regarding interviews, questions, and/or issues after being hired created a more streamlined experience for both the client and the candidates. CEI also handled the end-to-end onboarding process to include the ordering of equipment and system access.

Increased speed of hiring – CEI deployed a dedicated team of 4 recruiters, as well as a flex team of 4 additional offshore and 4 onshore recruiters, an account manager, and a compliance team to assist with hiring and onboarding. This team was able to greatly expedite the process of finding, interviewing, and hiring qualified candidates.

The Results

Utilizing a dedicated team of CEI recruiters and incorporating the Flexible Capacity Staffing Model, the client currently has a team of 26 dedicated technology experts to address the maintenance and customization of their Salesforce CRM.

The client’s current team includes:

2 Salesforce Testers

7 Salesforce Product Owners

6 Salesforce Admins

1 Salesforce Scrum Master

3 Sr. Salesforce Developers

5 Salesforce BSA’s

2 Salesforce Architects

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