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What is a Code Generator?

An AI code generator is a software tool powered by artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms that can automatically generate code snippets or even entire programs based on given inputs or specifications. These tools use advanced machine learning techniques to analyze code patterns, understand programming languages, and generate syntactically correct and functional code.

AI code generators are designed to assist developers by automating repetitive coding tasks, accelerating development processes, and reducing the chances of errors. They can be particularly useful for tasks like code completion, code suggestion, and code generation based on natural language descriptions.

In the ever-evolving landscape of coding, where speed, accuracy, and efficiency are paramount, AI-powered programming tools are indispensable allies. These intelligent assistants not only accelerate coding tasks but also minimize errors, revolutionizing the way developers work. Let’s delve into a comprehensive guide to these cutting-edge tools that are reshaping the coding landscape. 

1. OpenAI Codex:

OpenAI Codex stands out as a powerhouse in the realm of coding assistants. Its ability to comprehend natural language makes it adept at suggesting code snippets across various programming languages like Python and Java. Its integration with popular code editors enhances the coding experience for developers working on open-source projects and software development.  

(Price: Not available yet) 

2. Copilot:

From the creators of GitHub, Copilot offers similar prowess to Codex, providing intelligent code suggestions tailored to your needs. With compatibility across multiple code editors, including the widely used Visual Studio Code, Copilot streamlines coding tasks and fosters efficient collaboration within development teams.  

(Price: $10-$19 monthly) 

3. ChatGPT:

ChatGPT breaks barriers by offering a conversational approach to coding assistance. Imagine having a coding buddy you can chat with in plain English, receiving valuable code hints and insights. This free tool, accessible within platforms like Slack, enhances accessibility and fosters a seamless coding experience.  

(Price: Free) 

4. CodeT5: Google’s Language Model for Code Generation

Developed by Google, CodeT5 harnesses the power of sophisticated language models to generate code snippets in languages such as Python and C++. Its integration with popular code editors like Visual Studio Code makes it a versatile choice for developers seeking efficient coding solutions.

(Price: Free) 

5. AlphaCode:  

While not yet publicly available, AlphaCode showcases the exciting prospects of AI in coding. With its utilization of advanced language models, AlphaCode holds promise for revolutionizing code generation across diverse programming languages.

(Price: Not available yet) 

6. WP Code: Tailored AI Solutions for WordPress Developers 

WP Code emerges as a game-changer for WordPress developers, offering AI-driven code snippet generation for theme customization and plugin development. Its intuitive interface and customization capabilities empower developers to streamline WordPress development processes.

(Price: Starts at $49) 

7. PyCharm: Ai Python Code Generator 

PyCharm, a renowned Python IDE, incorporates a built-in code completion tool that learns from your coding style. By suggesting improvements and optimizing code structure, PyCharm facilitates the creation of clean and efficient Python codebases.  

(Price: Starts from $24.90/month per seat) 


Tabnine stands out as a personalized code completion assistant, analyzing your coding patterns to offer accurate suggestions in real-time. Its integration with leading IDEs like Visual Studio Code enhances coding efficiency and reduces the cognitive load on developers.  

(Price: Free tier available, with paid plans starting at $12/month) 


PolyCoder bridges the gap between natural language descriptions and code generation, making it a valuable asset for translating ideas into functional code snippets. Its intuitive interface and customizable functionalities cater to developers seeking streamlined code generation processes.  

(Price: Free tier available, with paid plans starting at $29/month) 


Deepcode acts as a vigilant code reviewer, scanning codebases for potential bugs and security vulnerabilities. By providing proactive suggestions and fixes, Deepcode empowers developers to maintain high code quality standards and minimize post-deployment issues.  

(Price: Free tier available, with paid plans starting at $35/month) 

11. Visual Studio IntelliCode: Microsoft’s AI-powered Coding Assistant 

Visual Studio IntelliCode, integrated into Microsoft’s Visual Studio platform, offers intelligent code suggestions and context-aware completions. By leveraging AI algorithms, IntelliCode assists developers in writing efficient and maintainable code, aligning with industry best practices.  

(Price: Included with Visual Studio subscriptions, starting at $5/month) 

12. AIXcoder:

AIXcoder caters to developers working across multiple programming languages, offering language-agnostic code completion and suggestions. Its versatility and adaptive learning capabilities make it an asset for developers seeking seamless coding experiences.  

(Price: Free tier available, with paid plans starting at $15/month) 

13. Jedi (formerly JediCodeWhisperer): Amazon’s free AI code generator 

Jedi, developed by Amazon, specializes in intelligent code completion for Python developers. Its context-aware suggestions and integration with popular Python IDEs enhance coding accuracy and speed, enabling developers to write robust and scalable Python applications.  

(Price: Free and open-source) 

14. Code Llama:  

Code Llama, developed by Meta (formerly Facebook), focuses on code search and understanding within large codebases. By analyzing code structure and providing relevant insights, Code Llama aids developers in navigating complex code repositories efficiently. 

(Price: Free and open-source) 

In conclusion, AI-powered programming tools represent a paradigm shift in the coding landscape, offering unparalleled efficiency, accuracy, and innovation. By harnessing the capabilities of these intelligent assistants, developers can elevate their coding prowess, streamline development processes, and build robust, future-ready applications. Embrace the evolution of coding with AI at your fingertips!