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Web application development

CEI worked with this manufacturer to help build their iNet Admin Console and related cloud infrastructure. The solution allows field workers to manage multiple devices in their environment. The devices are utilized in the field and subsequently connected to  a dock station where the device uploads data to the cloud, then the cloud syncs updates and related data back to the device.

The iNet Admin Console provides a browser-based GUI for field service technicians and customer quality control to verify the status of devices and identify safety issues.

The supporting iNet Core Server is a J2EE web application operating under WebSphere. Its primary functions are to receive uploads from the customers, store that data in the iNet database, analyze the uploaded data for alert conditions and send alert notifications. The iNet Core Server has been extended to provide configuration/operational data to the iNet DS docking stations.






Vitamix garnered noticeable value from CEI’s assessment of our IT Service Desk.  Not only were the assessments helpful, but we acted upon and implemented many of the resulting recommendations, which had an overall positive impact on our end user experience and overall maturity of our Service Desk.  The increase in the Service Desk’s maturity Level was confirmed by our end user communities across the company.

Jeff Chenevey Director of IT, Vita-Mix Corporation
Jeff Chenevey