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Regional Grocery Store Chain

Customer loyalty portal

A large regional grocery store chain strongly values their customer-first approach and customer satisfaction. Our client was operating a very old Customer Loyalty Application which was being used by both store and phone support personnel to manage and track customer activity and loyalty programs. As the client moved to modern MDM and CDP practices, the portal into this data also needed to be modernized.

The client and CEI collaborated to select Azure as a modern application and integration platform to create a modern, human-centered web application to both view data collected from the MDM but also allow for quick actions to ensure customer satisfaction. Functionality was based on the legacy, locally hosted, Cold Fusion-based web application.

Our work was integral to furthering the client’s customer-first vision. CEI co-developed the modern solution with the grocery store chain providing implementation effort but also, more critically, mentoring around levering modern DevOps and Azure modernization platforms and practices. The mentoring included using Azure DevOps to assist in transforming their team into agile development while also fully automating their build process. This application lives on today as one of the most critical tools for customer service operating in the client’s customer service center and more than 200 stores.