Financial Services

Whether trying to use data to better manage risk, offering a better customer experience, or considering how to safely and securely take advantage of new technologies, we partner with financial services and insurance companies every step of the way.

Regional Banking Institution 

Modernization, Cloud Migration, and Application Management Services

CEI partnered with the bank on many projects, including the modernization of a key application created to provide services for underserved markets.  As part of the modernization process, CEI helped the bank enhance the capabilities of the application and migrated the application from an on-premise to a cloud-based model using AWS.  The AWS solution supports high availability and security best practices. 

CEI continues to work with the bank providing a dedicated managed services team to manage the support, maintenance and AWS infrastructure for the application. Through superior application support for both external and internal users of the application, CEI lowered the bank’s total cost of ownership for the application.