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Large Healthcare Provider

DevOps adoption

This organization’s Insurance Services Division provides the necessary applications and services for 80,000+ employees to ensure they are providing their healthcare customers with the correct care; helping doctors, nurses, staff and the customers themselves.  They followed a very manual process for delivering their software that was stressful, time consuming, prone to error, and frustrating for the IT department.

With CEI’s aid, they started their journey to DevOps with a redefined process for delivering software and a goal to automate as much as possible, eliminating the stress and uncertainty of the process.  We instituted process improvements along the way, with some of the key changes for overall success being:

  • Consolidating the tools the development team used
  • Implementing an automated build and release pipeline for both code and databases
  • Architectural changes to the applications to better support a modern DevOps development cycle (the breakdown of a monolith application into microservices, and feature flagging to support faster delivery to production).

Deployments not only to production, but all environments along the way, are now consistent, quicker and less worrisome for the customer team.  With ongoing support from CEI, they are dedicated to a long-term initiative to continue the process of improvement and DevOps maturity.