Consulting & IT Advisory Services

Creating Business Value through Robust Business Strategies and Technology-Driven Transformation 

We create sustainable business value by driving transformation through our Business Consulting, Human-Centered Design, Digital Innovation and IT Excellence practice areas.

The evolution of business and technology is constant and interdependent. That’s why you need a trusted advisor who can help you step back and assess how to best transform your organization to adapt to ever-changing market conditions, business goals, and customer needs, and has deep expertise in how technology can create sustainable competitive advantages for your organization.

Our highly knowledgeable and tenured team brings critical industry knowledge, thought leadership and practical experience that addresses your specific market and organizational challenges with robust, implementation-ready, data-driven strategies. While we serve clients across multiple industries and service lines, we have a particular focus in specific sectors, rooted in years of experience working within each of the following areas:


  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare, Pharma & Life Services
  • Discrete and Process Manufacturing
  • Energy, Oil & Gas
  • Logistics, Distribution & Retail
  • Government & NGO 
  • Private Equity 
  • Technology 

Business Consulting

In today’s environment, technology is embedded into almost every function and interaction, which is why we consult at the intersection of business and technology. In July 2019, CEI acquired Point Management Group, a business strategy consulting firm that assists clients operationalize strategy through leveraging critical elements of Business Transformation, Operational Excellence, Supply Chain Optimization and Technology Enablement.

Our subject matter experts will help you not just create the strategy, but implement it. We are Big Four talent deployed more nimbly at a more competitive price-point.

Our focused offerings include:

Business Strategy
Develop customer-driven frameworks that help to focus and/or validate a company’s strategic direction with a strong emphasis on how that strategy can be operationalized. Our services include Customer Driven Visioning, Ecosystem Analysis, Competitive Positioning, Operating Model, Strategic Options Analysis, and M&A and Post-Merger Integration Services. 

Operational Excellence
Address key enterprise wide issues and initiatives with our deep expertise in Business Transformation, Organizational Design, Process Improvement, Operational Effectiveness and Business Process Re-engineering 

Data Strategy
Improve data quality for better business decision support and risk management and higher resource efficiency. We offer a comprehensive data assessment and strategy that includes Operations, Governance, Architecture, Analytics, Reporting & Visualization and Technology Enablers. 

Supply Chain Services
Optimize the traditional elements of the Supply Chain – Plan, Buy, Make, Move, and Sell with data strategy, program management, and technology enablement including merging technologies such as RPA, AI and machine learning (ML) to drive operational efficiency and cost reduction. 

Technology Enablement
Drive value through technology with our unique perspective that combines our strength in business strategy developmentour holistic view of the supply chain, and our IT solutions expertise. 

Discover how CEI can help make your next big project a success.

Human-Centered Design

CEI’s Human-Centered Design Practice offers clients a holistic approach to driving value through user-centric transformation and innovation.

Our Experience Strategy services help organizations develop truly differentiated customer experiences by building meaningful relationships with their customers.

Our DesignOps Consulting services use organizational design to help clients of any size tap into their own talent and strengths to enable, scale and sustain customer-centricity and innovation.

We also offer comprehensive Product Design & Delivery that gets client to market fast with products, apps, spaces, brands and services designed for the people that matter most: your customers. 

Digital Innovation

CEI’s Digital Innovation practice helps you differentiate and innovate by harnessing the power of technology and can be an extension of our Human-Centered Design offering.

We leverage established technologies and methodologies such as Cloud and Agile, or explore the potential and benefits of emerging technologies and tools like RPA, Blockchain, or AI to help you develop a transformation strategy.

CEI works closely with your stakeholders to develop actionable recommendations, roadmaps and/or pilots that align with organizational goals and culture, operations and architecture.

Benefits include increased productivity and revenue, reduced risks, exposure and costs and improved overall customer experiences.   

IT Excellence

The pursuit of operational excellence is a top priority and high-focus area for IT leaders, but IT excellence can be difficult to achieve. It takes time, planning and competes with other priorities.

That’s why we’ve built an IT Excellence practice that includes former CIOs and a proven approach to help clients drive strategic improvement across their entire enterprise to achieve real impact. 

Our approach includes an IT operations assessment, prioritized recommendations, an IT strategy roadmap and ongoing, collaborative status reports. We also offer “Fractional CIO” support available to help support and guide IT initiatives. 

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