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Zelis Payments

Helping deliver the right product and the right time

Zelis® Payments delivers electronic healthcare claim payments to providers on behalf of medical, dental and worker’s compensation payers. Zelis differentiates itself with an enrollment model that enables providers to choose the payment methodology that best fits the needs of their business and employs an inside sales team to conduct outreach via phone to obtain provider enrollments.


Delivering a best match for providers

To support consultative selling, Zelis identified the need to deliver prioritized and relevant information to its inside sales team to enable them to quickly identify the right solutions for the providers’ needs. Sales leads were being sent to sales associates’ queues in the order in which they were received. Zelis needed a solution which would prioritize leads by their potential value and provide information which would identify potential product matches for identified leads. Additionally, Zelis wanted to be able to nurture accounts as a client’s payment volume grew. The system needed additional functionality to identify up-sell opportunities, so sales could see which clients using its “entry-level” card product may be ready to upgrade to a more sophisticated Automated Clearinghouse product.

To address these concerns and effectively support the inside sales team, Zelis Payments enlisted the help of CEI to partner in the development of a proprietary technology called MyWork. The MyWork application proactively scans the database and responds to provider events by creating work items and feeding leads to the sales team based on lead priority and associate skill level.


Making MyWork even more valuable

In order to achieve aggressive growth targets, Zelis IT leadership wanted to refine the lead system within MyWork to allow for increased efficiency of lead generation. CEI supported Zelis’ IT department in making enhancements to achieve these goals, including:

Product Matching: MyWork examines provider information, such as payment volume and value, which indicates the size of the practice and suggests which product best meets the provider’s needs. The enhancement enables sales associates to make knowledgeable recommendations to providers, which increases the likelihood of closing the sale.

Lead Prioritization: System enhancements were made to prioritize leads within each sales associates’ queue by order of high to low importance. Lead prioritization technology has allowed sales associates to increase their efficiency by ensuring the highest value leads are targeted first.

Product Conversion Opportunity Identification: MyWork scans the database for clients who have increased their payment volume since initially enrolling and would benefit from upgrading to the VRA product. After these clients are identified, a work item is sent to the sales associate who performs outreach to highlight the benefits of upgrading to VRA.

“The team from CEI was instrumental in helping us achieve our goals. They helped us design and deliver a solution that drives results and provides our inside sales team the insights required to match providers to the right product offering at the right time.” – Peter Lynch, CIO of Zelis Payments


Achieving award-winning results

Zelis’ MyWork technology helped the company achieve and exceed their revenue and client retention goals. It also received national recognition for its contribution to enhancing sales efforts.

Sales Revenue Increased 71% 
Zelis experienced a 71% sales revenue increase from 2016 to 2017 during the months of January to October.

Year-Over-Year Client Churn Decreased 29% 
Matching providers to the best product for their needs decreased client churn by 29% from 2016 to 2017 during the months of January to October.

Year-Over-Year Conversion Numbers Increased 
Zelis saw a 21% increase in total sales conversions during March of 2017, as compared to 2016

National Recognition 
Zelis was recognized with a Bronze Award for the Best Use of Technology in Sales at the 12th Annual Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service in 2018.


About Zelis Payments:

Zelis® Payments is a market-leading electronics payments solutions provider to medical, dental and workers’ compensation payers. Zelis Payments helps payers reduce the cost of paying claims, helps payers speed the time to pay providers and helps payers generate new revenue. Zelis Payments helps providers get paid faster and more accurately while helping providers reduce the cost of receiving and managing payments. Zelis Payments is real time, fully integrated with leading claims adjudication platforms to help drive maximum payments cost savings for payers and providers. Zelis Payments has executed more than $14 billion in payments for more than 150 payers while providing access to over 1.5MM+ medical, dental and workers’ compensation providers, as well as access to our proprietary contracted network of more than 275,000 providers.