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We help manufacturing, logistics and energy companies improve collaboration across their enterprises, increase efficiencies and improve delivery of their products and services.

Utility Company

Delivering better and faster customer service with Azure

CEI’s Microsoft-certified team performed an Azure Assessment and was able to identify the company’s .COM site as the first workload to move to the Azure platform. We provided them with a consumption plan, architecture, guidance, configuration, and mentoring relative to getting started with Sitefinity CMS Platform and Azure.

With automated deployments, they’re able to release to the dev/test/stage environments hosted in Azure multiple times throughout the day and production deployments have been reduced from hours to minutes. Highly Availability and Disaster Recovery, and application monitoring is fully automated with Azure platform services giving them real time data which has cut troubleshooting time significantly. With Azure, the future is very bright for this company. They have plans to implement smart power readers for city residents using Service Bus Architecture, Bot Framework, Analytics and IoT.