Custom Software Solutions

Serving clients building robust technology solutions that delight users and maximize results

Our team of certified professionals design, develop, deploy, test, and support software solutions that empower users. Let’s build something amazing together.

Cloud Solutions

Looking to move fast, lower application costs, and scale your business? Our cloud experts are ready to help. Gain an advantage; leverage our services to build applications your users love.

Modern software built at cloud scale requires deep cloud expertise. Our team can guide you when building new, cloud-first solutions or migrating existing applications to leverage cloud scale. Our trusted advisors mitigate your risk and ensure your cloud investments yield results.

Where we shine: 

  • Application cloud migration assessments
  • Cloud architecture for web, mobile, data, AI, IoT, and more
  • Re-platforming applications to take advantage of cloud services
  • Cloud-first, web, mobile, and connected systems
  • Internet of things (IoT) cloud managed solutions
  • API Management, security, and build out
  • Containerization and micro-services
  • Infrastructure automation and provisioning
  • Database migration, warehouse, BI, ML, and big data
  • Mentoring your team on how they can build cloud applications

Discover how CEI can help make your next big project a success.

Web and Mobile Apps

Custom application development is at our core; it is our passion. We want to delight users with products and features that fit seamlessly into their daily work.

Design, product ownership, architecture, development, quality assurance, and support: our high-functioning teams work together to deliver high-value solutions at scale. Of course, quality is part of every step; we leverage the best of agile methods and tools to provide transparency, metrics, and productivity that puts you in control of your final product.

Our strengths: 

  • Dynamic websites (and services) built with Angular, React, Vue, ASP.NET, Java, and Open Source
  • Native mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Windows
  • Hybrid mobile solutions on Xamarin, Cordova, and ReactNative

DevOps, App Modernization and Agile Transformation

We want to help customers transform teams to harness the promise of the cloud and modern DevOps practices to build great software at scale.

Our experts guide you towards building innovative, modern software solutions that lower total operating costs, improve business productivity, and delight end users.

Greenfield or legacy, we can chart your roadmap to working at modern scale by leveraging serverless cloud, microservices, containers, service fabric, and modern development frameworks and techniques.

    • Modernization Assessment: We start with a vision of what modernization looks like. We then work to put your team on the path toward innovation.
    • DevOps QuickStart: You need to increase agility, decrease time from ingest to release, improve software quality (while reducing the costs of testing), and improve work visibility and team collaboration; but aren’t sure where to start? Our QuickStart can help.

UX Research, Visual Design and Digital Strategy

We focus on a holistic view of your users’ needs. Our team works to discover actionable user insights and then deliver stunning visual interactions and design.

Good UX and digital strategy helps clients increase brand presence, simplify usability, and strengthen profitability. We do the research, draw conclusions, test assumptions, and iterate quickly to drive actionable deliverables.

Our work product:

  • Envision: heuristic review, aspirational analysis, content audit, and analytical review
  • Discover: stakeholder interviews, user scenario development, and user journey mapping
  • Architect: affinity diagramming, card sorting, storyboarding, wire-framing, prototyping
  • Verify: user interviews, click-throughs, and A/B testing
  • Design: storyboard, wire-frame, and visual design
  • Prototype: lean (no-code) product prototypes
  • Plan: define digital strategy, recommendation, and execution

Database Services

Your database and related services drive, track, measure, and enable your business. Our database team keeps you optimized and running smoothly.

We can help you plan and execute your database strategy. Our experts can assess and recommend approaches for upgrades, migrates, data warehousing, reporting, and more. Our thought leaders work with you to design solutions to connect business processes across data centers and clouds.  We enable customer supply chain, B2B, decision making, and data integration solutions.

Enhance your foundation with the right approach and tools to best manage your data.

We can help you with:

  • Modern data architectures
  • Cloud migration and optimization strategy
  • Meta and master data management
  • Database integration and ETL
  • Data warehouse development and reporting
  • Version upgrades and migrations

Application Integration, Orchestration and Messaging

It’s a highly-connected world. You need solutions that span your supply chain, partners, vendors, divisions, and more. Our thought leaders can design solutions to connect your business processes across datacenters and clouds.

Integration means complexity. Our team of experts take the stress out of the complex by architecting and building solutions that enable secure, seamless integration across business processes and boundaries. We leverage enterprise-service-bus tools, cloud integration services, database solutions, and more to simplify your integration strategy and make it hum.

Integration QuickStart:

  • Start with vision, analysis, strategy, and planning
  • Secure setup and configuration of integration tools and environments
  • POC and reference build out for analysis
  • Training and mentoring of your team
  • Roadmap toward production deployment

Collaboration, Content Management and eCommerce

Do your users collaborate in the company intranet? Are you able to govern and manage web content? Are customers engaged with your offerings? If not, our experts are ready to help.

Our team has built award-winning solutions for enterprise customers. They help create collaborative work environments, enable business process workflows, and build solutions that leverage the cloud and modern platforms for collaboration, content management, and product marketing.

Get started:

  • Analyzing needs and set a vision
  • Develop an information architecture
  • Prototype, design, and test your IA
  • Architect for security, integration, support, and productivity
  • Plan platforms, configuration, migration, and implementation

Leverage our experience and knowledge to enable better communication between your employees and customers.

Bots, AI and Intelligent Apps

Make better decisions, respond faster, reduce costs, and eliminate human error with AI.

AI and Bots have the power to transform the way you support your customers and employees. Bots can respond to requests with insight at all hours of the day. Cognitive services can recognize patterns and translate speech. Our team can help you identify opportunities to leverage this technology to better engage with your customers and users.

Build-a-BOT POC:

  • Start with education on what AI can do best
  • Identify and review a strategic scenario that deliver value
  • Setup and configure your AI environment
  • Design and build a POC to demonstrate capabilities (and learn)
  • Review and refine implementation; plan for production

Big Data, Business Intelligence and Data Science

Unlock the value of your data to provide insight, enable decision making, and effect meaningful change within your organization.

Our team of data specialists, data scientists, and business intelligence experts will work with you to turn your data into actionable information for growing revenue, increasing profitability, and streamlining business processes. We want to empower your users with the information to win.

Our capabilities: 

  • Envision, design, and implement your complete business intelligence platform
  • Leverage machine learning and predictive analytics to make informed decisions
  • Visualize your metrics through dashboards and key reports
  • Assess your data warehouse, data lake, and BI strategy
  • Leverage big data cloud services and analytics tools


Mixed Reality, Gaming and Simulation

Tired of traveling for training? Maintaining costly lab environments? Want to engage users with a mobile game? Need to cut product development and simulation costs? If so, we are ready to help.

Virtual and mixed reality is ready to help improve employee training (and lower costs); it can help your workforce better design and engineer their products. Start by importing and building models into a physics engine (such as Unity). Next, enable unique visualizations, walkthrough training, workflow optimization, and demonstrations that cut costs and connect with users.

Gaming is big business. Our development teams leverage gaming platforms to create unique experiences for your customers and users. We can also help surge your development efforts on your next gaming project. Of course, our DevOps services might also be critical to your timely release and the quality assurance of your project.

We can help with: 

  • Envisioning and storyboarding a solution that aligns with your needs
  • Unity game and product prototyping, simulation, and development
  • Microsoft HoloLens mixed reality solutions
  • Virtual reality solutions built for Oculus, Magic Leap, and others

Additional Services

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Managed Services

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